Former England Under-19 skipper Shiv Thakor found guilty of exposing himself to two women

The Derbyshire all-rounder had denied committing the offences and explained to police that he was 'sexually satisfied' by his girlfriend

Former England Under-19 captain and Derbyshire all-rounder Shiv Thakor has been found guilty of exposing himself to two women in a housing estate. One of the victims labelled Thakor as ‘Shifty Shiv’ for exposing his genitals through a gap in his jogging bottoms. The incidents took place on June 12 and June 19 after which the 24-year-old was arrested in July. The two offences took place near Radbourne Lane in Mackworth, Derby.

According to Southern Derbyshire magistrates, the all-rounder denied committing the two offences and afterwards gave a bizarre explanation to the police. In a police interview, he revealed that he had been ‘sexually satisfied’ by his 16-year-old girlfriend and hence did not have any motive for committing the offences.

In a previous hearing, Thakor rejected the exposure charges. The first witness even felt that he was very quiet and very well mannered initially.

She narrated the incident,

I bent down to get some paper from the printer. I just put my head down and carried on with my work.

She told the court that she believed Thakor was aware he was exposing himself.

The second witness also narrated the incident.

He had jogging bottoms on and he was jogging past. He had his back to me – I thought he was trying to get himself aroused. I thought in a minute he would go away.

Thakor, however, had another explanation in store. He said,

I have got a tendency, that is almost a running joke, that I tend to rearrange myself both at the front and back during games.

The district judge Andrew Meachin told Thakor,

I’m in absolutely no doubt both women have given honest evidence to this court. I am satisfied beyond reasonable doubt that you have committed both of these offences.

The all-rounder has not been able to play since the allegations surfaced in June. He was suspended on full pay by Derbyshire.