Faf du Plessis surprised by ICC's inaction on 'brain fade' incident, backs Virat Kohli against Steven Smith

South African batsman Faf du Plessis believes that he was treated more harshly than the recent event by ICC on his tour to Australia

The ‘brain fade’ incident from skipper Steven Smith is one incident that would not be fading over anyone’s mind that easily. This time around South African batsman Faf du Plessis gives his verdict on the matter as he opposes International Cricket Council’s (ICC) decision to suppress ‘brain fade’ incident. He believes that ICC should have taken action against Australian skipper for his actions in the Bengaluru Test for seeking the help of the support staff on whether to opt for DRS or not.

Du Plessis said after South Africa’s Test against New Zealand washed out that ICC was a bit harsh on him for shining the ball with his saliva while chewing gum. He said, “I was, yes. Purely from the reason of what I went through in Australia for something I feel was a lot smaller, so (am) surprised with it,”.

Plessis was fined his match fee by ICC for what he did on the Australian tour which he now deems unjust after ICC’s inaction on ‘Dressing Room Review System’ at Bengaluru Test. He also believes that ICC tried to prove a point by fining him despite most players admitting the fact that they used to shine the ball the same way he did.

It seems like he came in aid of Indian skipper Virat Kohli who raised allegations on Australian skipper for misusing DRS and that he has been noticing similar activity for the past few days. Du Plessis said,”It (the reaction from the ICC) was different. I am surprised by the way it happened. Maybe it’s just because I speak on from a personal point of view and I felt that I was treated very harsh but when you see something like that you hope that it would be exactly the same,”

Du Plessis did not just stop there and tried to rescue Kohli against the recent digs taken against him by the Australian media, he said, “It would have been interesting to see how the Australian media would have reacted to me doing that”.