VIDEO: Meet cricketer Yasir Jan, who can bowl with BOTH ARMS!

He is all of 21 years old and the world is already taking notice of the unique prospect

Have you ever imagined a bowler who can bowl equally well with both arms? The world of cricket will for the first time ever witness an Ambidextrous bowler, he happens to be born in Pakistan but will represent England. He is all of 21 years old and the world is already taking notice of the unique prospect. We have all tried it in our backyard but to do it in a real match situation has not even crossed our minds. But the world will witness it for the first time in the 3rd Test versus West Indies. A Pakistani by birth who prior to hitting the nets was only a vegetable vendor at Islamabad, Yasir Jan was a rare discovery for PSL franchise Lahore Qalanders ahead of their campaign last year. In the nets, it was seen that he can bowl 145 kmph with his right hand and 135 kmph with his left arm.

“Yasir has been an amazing talent,” said his Qalanders coach Muhammad Salman to AFP. “It is an advantage. As a captain when you have right-handed and left-handed batsmen batting then you have a luxury to have a bowler who can bowl with both.”

Here is what pushed him to do something so weird as this, he said, “I’ve been bowling with both arms since I was a kid,” Yasir had told AFP last year.“Waqar bhai (brother) and Wasim bhai were bowling in 2003 when I saw my first World Cup. I really liked watching them… I’d copy them. And I kept working and working at it and I got good. And it’s helped me get picked.”

“Pakistan quick Yasir Jan, who has been training with the MCC Young Cricketers and playing for Watford Town this summer, will bowl against England and West Indies during the two days leading into the third Test,” said a report in The Telegraph.