ECB investigates whether Jonny Bairstow 'headbutted' Cameron Bancroft at a bar or not ? Reports

Cameron Bancroft made his debut in first Test of the Ashes 2017-18 at the Gabba and scored his maiden Test half-century in second innings

First, it was Ben Stokes who found himself in a brawl outside a bar in Bristol and now it might be England wicketkeeper-batsman Jonny Bairstow who might find himself in trouble. Reportedly, Bairstow ‘headbutted’ Australian debutante Cameron Bancroft at a bar in Perth earlier in November.

The alleged incident took place before the start of the Ashes tour. The particular date of the alleged attack from Bairstow has not been revealed yet. The West Australian player Bancroft is a resident of Perth. The England team was in Perth for their first practice game of the tour.

As far as reports are concerned, Bancroft did not react to Bairstow’s alleged attack.

The visitors’ coach Trevor Bayliss told,

The players sat down and had a chat. They are the ones who have come up with this. There are no set curfews, they are just sensible rulings. To me, it’s what we should have been sticking to anyway as players or people around a professional set-up.

Bayliss also talked about how it is not viable to keep the players in the hotel only.

Not drinking between matches is just sensible. We certainly don’t want to keep players in their rooms because it is a long tour. You have to get out and experience what the country you’re touring has to offer. It’s about picking the right time to have a couple of drinks, but knowing to stay away from it if you’re preparing for a match.

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However, an ECB spokesperson did not make any premature comments on the matter. There were not police reports filed after the alleged incident.

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Bancroft did not react when James Anderson hit him near the groin on Day 4 either. All he did was stare back at Anderson without even flinching. The debutante went on to score his maiden half-century in the second innings chasing a target of 170 runs in the first Test at Gabba sharing a partnership of 114 runs with David Warner.