Don't Like Virat Kohli's 'Aggression'? John Buchanan, Calls It 'Ganguly's Legacy'

Enough with scrutinising Virat Kohli's on-field behaviour already!

Virat Kohli’s on-field behaviour has prompted much debate in the public arena recently, especially during the ongoing India vs Australia Test series. The Indian captain has refused to hold back and his animated celebrations have been rubbing a lot of people the wrong way.

Australians themselves are no strangers to sledging, having a long history of riling up their opponents on the field.

Here’s what former Australian coach John Buchanan said about Kohli’s captaincy in an interview with the Mumbai Mirror:

“He continues Sourav Ganguly’s tradition and that is not to take a back step at any point of time and encourage all his players to do the same. He brings wonderful colour to the game. Sometimes he is going to push the envelope, but nonetheless I still think that he respects the game.”

Just like Kohli, former Indian skipper Sourav Ganguly didn’t hold back on field either. The 65-year-old coach drew similarities between the two cricketers:

“He respects the history of the game. I think he is the leader that Indian cricket needs. He will leave a legacy of how to play the game, not only from a technical point of view but also from a leader’s point. He is someone who has extended the legacy that Ganguly created,” he added.

After the Perth test, Aussie skipper Tim Paine said that while he did not have a problem with a little banter, it should not get personal or abusive in nature. Perhaps it’s time to back off, and just let Kohli be who he is?

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