'Comparing Virat Kohli with Donald Trump — what a load of s*** is that' says Michael Clarke bashing Australian media

India vs Australia: Michael Clarke comes in to rescue Virat Kohli again as he bashes Australian media for comparing him with Donald Trump

Recently, Australian media stepped it up a notch and compared Virat Kohli to US President Donald Trump and using remarks like he considers himself above law and what not. To this, former Australian skipper Micahel Clarke stepped in and came to the rescue of Kohli stating the remarks from Australian media as ‘a load of s***’. Clarke was quite surprised by his native country’s remark on Kohli. Earlier too Clarke had backed Kohli during the Dressing Room Review System or the as Peter Handscomb classifies it as a ‘brain fade’ moment.

The whole fuss was about the post-match conference where Kohli explained his animated celebration after getting David Warner out. It all started when Glenn Maxwell mocked Kohli for his shoulder injury after saving a boundary in a similar fashion like the Indian skipper did.

Clarke recently lauded Kohli for showing up to late Phil Hughes’ funeral and postponing the match as well, saying that he did not have to do that. He told a news-publishing website, “Comparing Virat Kohli with Donald Trump – what a load of s*** is that. What Virat did, even Smith would have. Bear in mind, I love Kohli and the Australian public love him. I always somehow find an Australian in him the way he plays and I absolutely love how he accepts challenges. It’s just two or three reporters who are trying to tarnish him but Virat shouldn’t be bothered,”.

His said this in reply of Australian media’s blog post excerpt, “Just like President Trump, Kohli decided to blame the media as a means of trying to hide the egg smeared right across his face.”

Clarke feels that even Steven Smith would pay no heed to that, he said, “I don’t think even Steve Smith would bother about what the Australian media is saying. In fact, both the captains would be telling their teams to concentrate on how to win in Dharamshala,”

Clarke went one step ahead and justified the passion the field comparing it with ‘Ashes’, he said, “It is more like the Ashes 2005 we played where every Test was life and death and the players gave it all on the field. But off the field, both teams remained friends. It is only befitting of the way this series has been played that it will be decided in the last Test.”

Well, it is quite clear from Clarke’s statements that the Australian media are just exaggerating the whole incident and playing the sensational card which Indian media has been accused of from time to time. Well, now we know that paying attention to Australian media’s comments is just a waste of time.