Chinese Cricket Team Scores Just 35 Runs In 20 Overs & Register A Record For Ages To Come

Here is a you-won’t-believe-this bit of trivia. Did you know that our neighbour, China, has a cricket team ? Well, cricket, as a sport is finding favour in countries around the world and many want their piece of the T20 pie. In fact, T20 cricket has attracted a lot of attention and even Germany has a T20 league now. However, China is in the news for bagging an embarrassing record. A record which might be broken only by their batsmen.

China scored just 35 runs in a T20 match against Thailand. No, they were not bundled out in a few overs. They played a total of 20 overs, survived it and still managed to score just 35 runs for the loss of 9 wickets.

In the process, they registered the second-lowest T20 score of all-time. It is also the lowest score by a team batting out a total of 20 overs. There is a stark difference between China’s score and the previous record. Bermuda scored 62 runs in a completed innings against Guyana in 2008.

There were a total of four maiden overs in China’s innings and only two boundaries. Thailand bowler Vichanath Singh bowled one of the most economical four-over spells in the history of T20 cricket giving just 4 runs and taking a wicket.

The highest run-scorer for China was Wang Ya. The number 9 batsman scored 8 runs off 11 deliveries. The most number of deliveries were played by opener Ning Sun who took 25 deliveries to score just 4 runs at a strike rate of 16. Extras too helped China score more as there were three wides in the innings.

The fact that China played 20 overs and scored at a run rate of 1.75 turned out to be too much for these Twitterati as they expressed their surprise on reading the scorecard:


Worth a shot?

At least some positive there

Chinese cricket team right now


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This guy is happy

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Thailand were upto the task chasing the target of 36 in just 2.4 overs. Seems like China have a long way to go if they are to compete against the giants of Asia.