Chilling in the pool! Andre Russel bare-bodied in the pool with beer for company

Taking a leaf or two out of 'world boss' Chris Gayle's book, it seems these Andre Russel is following the same suite.

Taking a leaf or two out of ‘world boss’ Chris Gayle’s book, it seems these Caribbean folks really know how to party.

If we saw Gayle having a blast over the weekend in Dubai with friends Shaggy and Didier Drogba, this time it is his teammate Andre Russel trying the same.

West Indian cricketers are no strangers to living life king-size, that is routine in their part of the world.

Yesterday, we found out what Russel was up to.

The big hitting West Indian took to Instagram and posted a picture of Russel by the pool.

In the picture, Russel is bare bodied, flaunting off his packs, chiseled as they say.

He also is wearing the customary golden cross.

He is wearing just a boxer which by the looks of it is navy blue in colour.

It seems Andre Russel is also sipping some fresh beer and weather is just adding to the setting.