Why 'WalkOutFromPakMatch' is trending on Twitter before India vs Pakistan ICC Champions Trophy 2017 clash?

Major Surendra Poonia said sarcastically that if Virat Kohli & Co can play a cricket match against Pakistan in ICC Champions Trophy 2017 then the Indian army should have a match on the border too

While a large number of the population across the world wait for India vs Pakistan clash, on the other side, the top trend on Twitter is #WalkOutFromPakMatch. Major Surendra Poonia is the reason that the hashtag is trending on Twitter ahead of the India vs Pakistan clash on the field. He posted this video with regard to the jawans who have been martyred recently in Jammu & Kashmir. In a video he posted on Twitter, he said, “We are hearing that India is going to play Pakistan in ICC Champions Trophy 2017. It sounds weird because Pakistan is playing the game of terrorism with us and we are preparing to play a cricket match against them. If this happens then it will be cheating with the emotions of every soldier standing on the border and the martyrs,”

“The soldiers do not have any feud with the people of Pakistan and their soldiers. If they can play cricket there then we should open the border as well,” he added.

He also said sarcastically that if Virat Kohli & Co can play a cricket match then the Indian army should have a match on the border too.

He also urged the Indian sportsperson that soldiers are their biggest fans, he said, “Normal people enjoy with firecrackers when India wins but we burn the real firecrackers on their every win, every player’s win. I am sportsperson myself and I know the value of sports but no sport or cultural event can never be above a nation’s security and emotions,”

Cricket players are role models, a few of them are my personal favourites— Virat Kohli and Colonel Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Dhoni is from our regiment only and he is a role model, icon for the nation. I would like to tell them that you should think about it.

He reminded them that when they used to play cricket in the neighborhood and if he used foul words for their parents then we stopped talking to them, stopped playing with them. These people (Pakistan army) are killing and taking the heads of Jawans. Every day, dead bodies of jawans have been brought back and you are playing cricket with them.”

He also appealed to everyone whether they are with them or their nation. Soon after Twitterati came in support of him and eventually the hashtag started trending on Twitter.

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