Watch: Former Pakistan player Rashid Latif crosses the line, says Virender Sehwag has piles in mouth

Rashid Latif crossed all limits of decency to disrespect Virender Sehwag and lash out at him for his 'baap baap hota hai' comment in India vs Pakistan match

Former Pakistan player Rashid Latif could not digest former Indian cricketer turned commentator’s remarks on India’s warm-up game against Bangladesh followed by Pakistan in their first group match. Sehwag said and also tweeted, “Pote ke baad bete. Koi baat nahi beta Well tried! Congratulations Bharat! #baapbaaphotahai”. But, it seems like this comment did not go down with Latif and he was waiting for the opportune moment to take a dig at Sehwag. In process of doing so he crossed a few limits as well terming Sehwag’s overconfidence as ‘muh ka bawaseer’ meaning ‘Piles of mouth’.

Latif clearly did not take it in a sporting way. Though he mentioned in the video that, “I have no problems with most Indian current players, ex-players, Indian people but this video is for Virender Sehwag. You want respect, then give respect to get respect but if you don’t give us respect then we cannot respect you in return sorry. If Sehwag’s comments were directed to one individual or even me personally, I would have ignored it but because he got personal with the nation of Pakistan, being a true Pakistani, it is my duty to respond,”

Latif also took a dig on India’s performance against the Sri Lanka as they lost by 7 wickets on June 8. He also warned India ahead of the must-win game against South Africa on June 11. He said, “Sri Lanka has made you bleed from everywhere and you can’t even figure out from where. No matter how big you become, you will always remain under us. You are going to face the South Africans on Sunday, you might as well book your return flight to India on Monday right now,”

He tried to draw a connection between Sehwag’s hometown Najafgharh and Pakistan. He said that Najaf Khan hails from Pakistan and is a freedom fighter equivalent of his grandfather.

But, just when we thought that he was just a bit over the line with his statements, he stooped down a new low, he said, “When we were in Uniform playing Cricket proudly for our countries during that time, you were in Liquid form,”. Although he somehow felt that he was being polite to Sehwag, “This is me being extremely polite with you right, if you don’t behave yourself next time, you just watch me take you to places you have never been before,”

He also challenged India to play Pakistan anywhere and simultaneously blaming India for problems in PCB, he said, “Right now we have the wrong people running the PCB but we will even the score with interest in due course just like we had been doing in the past, tell youe baap (father) to give you permission to play against us in Sharjah and to take of your chooriyah (bangles) and to face us anywhere, the truth is you guys are scared,”

It seems like Sehwag replied to his statement as well on Twitter but did not care to take his name.

Though, it does not seem that the flames have been doused or not. Latif tried to start a fight with spark but Sehwag behaved with maturity. For how long, there is no certainty on that front.