Virender Sehwag comes in support of Sarfraz Ahmed ahead of India vs Pakistan final

India vs Pakistan, ICC Champions Trophy final: Virender Sehwag ashes out at fans for making fun of Sarfraz Ahmed's spoken English skills

Virender Sehwag has been making fun of Pakistan ahead of the India vs Pakistan ICC Champions Trophy 2017 final. But, Sehwag took a stand when it was needed, he came in rescue of Pakistan skipper Sarfraz Ahmed who has been trolled heavily for his less than ordinary English speaking skills in the press conference. The social media has been divided into two categories when it comes to trolling Sarfraz. Whereas one has not refrained from trolling him, on the other hand, others have defended his inability to speak fluent English as it is not a parameter for a talent he possesses on the cricket field, especially after he had taken a No.8 side to the finals of the tournament.

Sehwag shuts up all the trolls once again with his one-liner, but this time it was not a witty one but a bit serious, he tweeted, “Criticizing Sarfaraz for not speaking English is insane.His job is to play & he has done brilliantly 2 take Pak in finals #StopColonialMindset”. He clearly feels that it is Sarfraz’s talent on the field that counts not in the press conference while answering to journalists in English.

Sehwag himself struggled to speak English in his early days of playing cricket for India. He had shared funny stories of how he tried to refrain from giving any interviews or even talking to someone at parties in the language.

Sehwag was recently lashed out at by former Pakistan wicketkeeper Rashid Latif who felt that his comments for Bangladesh and Pakistan team referring to them as grandson and son.