Twitterati ask whether Zee News will boycott India vs Pakistan ICC Champions Trophy 2017 final as well

Zee News and it's websites boycotted India vs Pakistan's ICC Champions Trophy 2017 match on June 4 following Major Surendra Poonia's video tweet

India vs Pakistan matches always invite controversy but media boycotting the match, not covering at all was certainly a dramatic move from Zee News and it’s websites as they missed out on a whole lot of revenues. Subhash Chandra, the Chairman of Essel Group and Rajya Sabha MP announced that the network will boycott previous India vs Pakistan ICC Champions Trophy clash on June 4 and there will be no coverage whatsoever. Now, the question arises again, will Zee network cover the India vs Pakistan final clash or not? Twitterati have already started asking questions from Zee News, few of them have resorted to trolling them.

His clarification for not doing coverage of India vs Pakistan match was because of the contest terrorist activity on the border. He tweeted on June 4, “Producers stopped casting Pak (Pakistan) actors, similarly, Pak banned our TV programs. If Afghan (Afghanistan) can stop cricketing ties with Pak post-Kabul attack then what is the need for us to continue after numerous terrorist attacks.”

His move was backed by Zee News’ Editor-in-Chief Sudhir Chaudhary who urged his viewers to boycott the India vs Pakistan match. On Twitter, it got mixed responses as well.

With Retired Major Surendra Poonia posted a video urging skipper Virat Kohli and MS Dhoni to walk out of the Pakistan match.

On June 3, #WalkOutOfPakistanMatch starting trending on Twitter as well with people supporting Zee News’ move to cut any sort of ties with Pakistan even if it is playing a cricket match. There were mixed responses as well as Twitterati terming the organisation as a hypocrite for telecasting Pakistan TV shows and boycotting India vs Pakistan match.