Sarfraz Ahmed's reaction on India v Bangladesh semis: Didn't expect Bangladesh, Pakistan to qualify

India v Bangladesh, Champions Trophy 2017 semi-finals: Asian fans would be hoping for a repeat of 'mother of all battles' if India take on Pakistan in Final

Sarfraz Ahmed, Pakistan cricket captain must be on cloud nine after outing Sri Lanka to make it to the semi finals. But they will not be playing an Asian country in the semis, they will lock horns in semi-final 1 against England for a spot in the finals, whereas India take on Bangladesh in semi-final 2 for a spot in the finals in what is an all Asian affair. Pakistan won a match against Sri Lanka that swung like a pendulum before Sarfraz Ahmed won it with Mohammad Amir with an unbeaten partnership of 75 runs. On Thursday, India will take on Bangladesh and a certain Pakistani is talking about the Bangladeshi team in a not so appropriate manner.

So, who is it?

Sarfraz Ahmed, but what he has said is surprising as he didn’t believe that either Bangladesh or Pakistan will make it to the semi-finals. It is surprising as the captain of Pakistan himself is talking about it. Pakistan were walloped in their opener against India which they lost by 124 runs and then to still qualify on the back of one match is surprising. But it has to be said that Sarfraz the captain batted out of his skin as at one stage it was looking impossible that Pakistan would win it. Sarfraz Ahmed admitted this fact in his press conference.

In the press conference he also spoke about the semi-finals and said, “The tournament is left with three Asian teams in the top four, an outcome predicted by few before the tournament begun.”

He is probably right when he says that very few may have expected three Asian teams in the last four, but it has happened and now Asian fans would be hoping for a repeat of the ‘mother of all battles’ if India take on Pakistan in the finals.