Watch: MS Dhoni predicted India's loss to Pakistan one year ago and the video is going viral!

MS Dhoni who was skipper during ICC T20 World Cup 2016 predicted India's loss to Pakistan in a post-match press conference

India lost to Pakistan in ICC Champions Trophy final by a huge margin and it has been in the news, over the internet in the past few days. Though a video of MS Dhoni’s post-match conference is going viral for one single reason that he predicted this a year ago. After India’s win over Pakistan in ICC T20 World Cup 2016, a journalist asked about what India to that they beat Pakistan in all the World Cup games as the score is till date 11-0. Dhoni had an apt and sensible answer to it as he said that India will lose to Pakistan whether it is after one year, 5 years, 10 years, or more years to come.

Dhoni’s comments interpreted that India are not invincible and they will be outclassed by Pakistan in the years to come. Though India had lost to Pakistan in Champions Trophy 2017 two times in the history of the tournament before the final. But they had not beaten India for the past 8 years in any of the ICC events. Dhoni’s statement is an eye opener in this context as people should know that they need to take cricket as a game and not some rivalry between India and Pakistan because of the unrest between both the countries.

According to Dhoni’s statement a year ago, India were bound to lose to Pakistan on one day. Though it came a bit early after a miraculous turnaround for the Underdogs of the tournament. People might not get shocked if India’s unbeaten streak of 11 against Pakistan in World Cups ends in World Cup 2009 as Pakistan are in a situation where India was in after winning T20 World Cup 2007.