India vs Sri Lanka, ICC Champions Trophy 2017: Amid 'India-India' chant Virat Kohli & Co. arrive at Oval [Inside Photos]

India v Sri Lanka, ICC Champiosn Trophy 2017: Even the chants of 'India, India' was heard, apart from 'Bharat Mata Ki Jai' outside the Oval

Virat Kohli is ready to take on Sri Lanka in the battle of the Asian giants. The scenarios both teams face are different. For team India it is about one-win from their remaining two games will see them through to the semis, and for Sri Lanka they need to win both their encounters to qualify for the semis. The two countries shared the inaugural ICC Champions Trophy with India in 2002, a match that was washed out due to rain. Rain will be hovering today at the Oval as well as the two teams lock horns.

India have a fan following across the world other nations can only dream of, wherever they play there is a huge frenzy. Today as India get ready to play the crucial encounter, Indian fans are already there in numbers. Even the chants of ‘India, India’ was heard, apart from ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ outside the Oval, we wonder what the Englishman will be making of this.

In the first picture you see fans. In the next picture one can see Virat Kohli, Yuvraj Singh is also seen in another picture entering the ground.

The Sri Lankan team also arrived but not amidst such a frenzy but they look in good shape ahead of the game. Matthews has made it clear in the press conference yesterday, that he will not bowl. Will this affect the team balance remains to be seen.