India vs Pakistan Final, ICC Champions Trophy 2017: Virat Kohli feels Pakistan can beat any side of the world [Watch Video]

Virat Kohli gives respect to Pakistan team ahead of the ICC Champions Trophy final, feels they are not the same team as the one in start of the tournament

What’s the key behind batting in pressure games like these both as a batsman and a captain, “I feel after you reach a stage in a tournament like this you can’t basically work on your techniques anymore with the ball or the bat? It’s how you think about the game and how you think as you prepare for big games. You have to believe in yourself no matter what.

After you took the responsibility of captaining the team and became the No.1 batsman, it has been seen that India have dominated Pakistan with an exception of two games. What’s the reason behind it, Kohli replied, “We play every match with an intent to win, we don’t believe in statistics, records, and previous matches. There is no guarantee for a team winning in this tournament as I have said before,”

Kohli also replied, “It really depends on the individuals and how they want to prepare. I never believed in watching too many videos of anyone. Whether you have played against that player or not does not matter.

Kohli was also asked whether the first match at Edgbaston against Pakistan is relevant or not and whether this game be able to showcase the best of India-Pakistan cricket given they do not play much cricket against each other. He replied, “I don’t see any relevance of the first game because you can never tell how a particular team starts the tournament and how they are playing at the moment. Everyone is aware of the talent Pakistan team has. On their day they can beat any side of the world. That’s the kind of ability they have. I am sure it will be a well-contested match,”

Hardik Pandya gives the team certain balance but he is also at times targetted by the opposition, how tempting is it to perhaps go in with the Mohammed Shami at the moment. Kohli replied, “Not looking to make too many things because I would either back a guy like Hardik who provides you so much balance in conditions that he can be effective as a bowler. His batting is priceless if you are chasing a total 8 and over and you have lost wickets, he is the guy who can still win you the game. He can give you a match-winning performance in any game that he plays. It’s very hard to find a package like that,”