India vs Pakistan Final, ICC Champions Trophy 2017: 'Aamer bhai kuch phoonk kar baithe hain', Harbhajan Singh trolls Aamer Sohail on LIVE TV | Watch Video

Indian legendary spinner Harbhajan Singh trolled Aamer Sohail on a live TV debate for his derogatory statement. He stated that Aamer would be high on some drug as he made such a baseless statement on media

Former Pakistan opener Aamer Sohail has sparked a controversy in his own country after making a remark where he alleges that Pakistan Cricket Team has entered the ICC Champions Trophy finals through ‘external forces’. The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) condemned Sohail’s remark while he has garnered a huge amount of disrespect from cricket followers and several veteran cricketers as well. Meanwhile, Indian legendary spinner Harbhajan Singh trolled Aamer Sohail on a live TV debate for his derogatory statement.

Leading Indian News Channel Aaj Tak conducted a debate show on India vs Pakistan ICC Champions Trophy 2017 final match. In the discussion, veteran Indian cricketers like Mohd Azharuddin and Arun Lal were invited, former Indian skipper Sourav Ganguly and spinner Harbhajan Singh joined from England while Pak cricketers like Mohd Yusuf and Wasim Akram joined from Pakistan through a Pakistani TV news channel.

Speaking to Harbhajan Singh about the upcoming final clash, the Pakistani news anchor said,”I already predicted it would be India vs Pakistan and India will loose. However, you (Harbhajan) doubted and said It won’t happen. Half of my words turned right and half will turn today.”

In response, Harbhajan gave a befitting reply and said,”Indeed your half of your words turned to be correct but the rest half will won’t happen. Pakistan played really well to enter finals and I congratulate them.”

And then he took a jibe on Aamer Sohail like this:

“Whatever Aamer Sohail has said is not good. Mujhe lagta hai Aamer Bhai kuch phoonk ke baithe hain, koi nasha kar ke baithe hain (I think Aamer Sohail is high on some drug). Instead of saying all these things, he should come forward and as a senior cricketer, he should support his team. Pakistan has played a very good cricket and showed their potential,” said Harbhajan.

Ahead of the ICC Champions Trophy final between India and Pakistan on June 18, Aamir Sohail alleged that Pakistani team enter the finals through fixing. Sarfraz Ahmed has no special ability to take his team to the final, it all had happened as someone from the outside helped them, stated Sohail.

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