ICC Champions Trophy: ICC releases press statement post London Attacks, 'effective measures taken'

India is taking on Pakistan in a high-octane ICC Champions Trophy 2017 just after a bomb blast hit London few hours and few kilometers ahead of the match. BCCI has already raised concern after the Manchester blast that claimed the lives of 22 people. With the India-Pakistan tie having high-global event all eyes would be certainly on Birmingham, and finally ICC had come out and made and official statement as nothing was official till now. But we really do not know how much will this sort of an assurance help.

“Our thoughts are with everyone affected by what has happened in London overnight. The ICC and ECB continue to place safety and security at the ICC Champions Trophy and ICC Women’s World Cup this summer as the highest priority,” the release stated.

“Following last night’s incident all team hotels went into lockdown and teams, match officials and staff were all quickly accounted for. The enhanced security around venues implemented following the Manchester attack remains in place, this includes significantly enhanced police and security presence for today’s match,” it added further.

The frenzy for the India-Pakistan clash. He is Sachin Tendulkar’s fan.

“We operate on advice from our Tournament Security Directorate – in conjunction with the ECB and relevant police and security authorities – to ensure that we can deliver a safe and secure event. We will continue to work with authorities over the coming hours and days and review our security in line with the threat levels,” ICC release stated.

“The security situation has been very much front and centre of our preparations and we constantly review our procedures to guarantee they are as effective as possible to keep everyone safe,” it added.

The game between India and Pakistan was stopped due to rain but it has finally got underway.

“We do not disclose our security details as a matter of policy,” it added further.