ICC Champions Trophy 2017: Virat Kohli urges media to focus on cricket rather than him and Anil Kumble!

Virat Kohli clears the air over rumours of his tussle with head coach Anil Kumble, he was surprised at the very origin of the rumour and how they should stop

Indian skipper Virat Kohli clears the air over rumours of his tussle with head coach Anil Kumble ahead of the ICC Champions Trophy 2017. Kohli clarifies that it is just the part of a process and not any rift between him and Kumble. He was amused with the speculations floating around and at the same time lashing out the people who are trying to spread false rumours. He also talked about the hyped India-Pakistan clash on June 4.

On being asked that there is some news, maybe rumour, you can clear the air, is there anything between you and coach Anil Kumble and whether it would affect team’s performance in the India vs Pakistan match, he replied “There have been a lot of speculations and lot of things written by the people without actually being the part of the change room which is very strange. There are no problems whatsoever. As is mentioned before if there is something put in place as a process I don’t see why people are creating so many speculations about it. It has been followed last time as well and I did not see any issues being created last time,”

“It’s the same process, it is happening after 12 months and there are no issues whatsoever. The team is totally focussed on the Champions Trophy and I honestly don’t even know people who try to tell me about this, I don’t even want to know anything about this,”

“In a tournament that has been focused so much at such a big stage, a lot of people like to find a lot of rumours flying around, especially before the start of the tournament. So, they are doing their job trying to create some nice livelihood and that’s all we can say. We are focused on our lives which is on the field and that’s all we are going to focus on. I would just say one thing- unless someone is part of one thing I don’t think they should sit at a distance and speculate and give judgments,” Kohli added.

Kohli talked about the hype over India-Pakistan clash, he said, “Nothing different to be honest, I know it sounds a bit boring but this is exactly what we feel as cricketers, we are not saying something different to what we feel. And for us, it is a matter of executing what we know best regardless of who we are playing against and I am sure every team feels like that. I am sure all the teams don’t put more price on one game that the other. Especially in a tournament like this where you just don’t have one tough game, you have all tough games right through to the final. In a tournament like this you can’t pick and choose and in general, cricketers don’t pick and chose. We prepare the same way and we take the same mindset into every game that we play for India. As I said before, we need to be 100 per cent motivated playing for the country regardless of who you are playing against.

Kohli did not spill the beans about the playing XI for the Pakistan clash. He is still holding onto the decision to choose the combination as he is still to see how the pitch is.

The 28-year-old talked about Pakistan as a team, he said, “You don’t even take them lightly. They have the ability to surprise their opposition. I don’t think in an ODI format any total is safe. You can never tell, on a good day you can chase down anything.”

Well, it’s priceless to have his thoughts. The minor things he picks up make a massive impact in the game. It is indeed in honour to be chosen as the best captain of ICC Champions Trophy 2017 seeing

He talked about the journey with Kumble as well, he said, “It has been really good, the journey has been good. I don’t need to elaborate on this. Agreements and disagreements can happen but they even happen with your family. Nothing to exaggerate about.”

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