Aamer Sohail takes a U-turn on his comments on match-fixing, says external factors helped Pakistan to reach final against India [Watch Video]

Aamer Sohail trolls himself while giving clarification on statement for Pakistan team ahead of the India vs Pakistan ICC Champions Trophy 2017 final

Former Pakistan cricketer Aamer Sohail came into limelight when he claimed on a Pakistan news channel that Pakistan got to the final of ICC Champions Trophy 2017 because of the external forces. The video soon went viral on the internet as it felt like Sohail was not backing Pakistan skipper Sarfraz Ahmed ahead of the final against India on June 18. It was also interpreted from Sohail’s statement that Pakistan’s matches were fixed and it was all part of a plan to get them into the final with India. Sohail came forward in order to clarify as he claimed that his statement was blown out of proportion.

In an attempt to clarify his statement, Sohail ended up trolling himself as he made a few weird statements about Pakistan’s road to the Final of ICC Champions Trophy 2017 on Samaa TV..

The 50-year-old said, “First of all, I would like to say that it was completely out of context. Whatever has been broadcasted on this particular channel (ARY News), other channels did not do it because they know me very well. This was totally out of context,”

Sohail continued, “When Pakistan lost their first match to India, after that people felt that Pakistan is a big name of cricket and the way Pakistan cricket is going on there is no hope for advancement for the team. West Indies and Zimbabwe have already been excluded from the tournament and Pakistan may get knocked out as well. Pakistan is a crowd puller and whenever there is a match with India, people indulge in large numbers. They felt that Pakistan should be given a second chance, they need lifting. They tailor-made pitches for Pakistan against teams like South Africa which was already used two times in the tournament. The ball reverse-swung, it gripped onto the surface as well, it suited your bowlers and your batsmen as well which led to Pakistan winning the match,”

Amir Sohail’s recent reply over his statement which was reported out of context by ARY News.

Posted by Team Green on Friday, June 16, 2017

“Fir aap Sri Lanka ke against allah-allah kar ke jeete” (meaning they barely won against Sri Lanka by a close margin). In that match as well Pakistan were given favourable conditions,”. Sohail did not just stop there, he added, “You can check the records whenever a favourite team as played a game against an Underdog team and the minnow has won the match it’s because of the conditions they were provided,”

Sohail’s illogical reasoning did not just stop there, he said, “You should remember the match between Pakistan and Ireland where there was grass on the pitch because of which Pakistan lost. Similar to that Pakistan were given conditions which they can avail and win the matches. Even against England, they were given a favourable pitch as skipper Eoin Morgan said that it was a used pitch because of which we lost the match,”

Then Sohail’s illogical reasoning took another weird turn, he said, “In the match between India and Pakistan at Mohali in World Cup 2011 the pitch was the factor that India won as Mohali pitch is usually favours fast bowlers but it helped the spinners. They took the advantage of it, England could not do that which clearly means they were favouring Pakistan in the semi-final so that they can perform well because India-Pakistan final generates more revenue and interest in the game. Also, Pakistan’s fans across the world will be attached to this fixture because Pakistan cricket has been down for a while. That’s why I said that Pakistan has been favoured for a reason. The match-fixing allegations is a work of fiction (from news channels). I have a different way of thinking unlike them. I have always talked about the betterment of Pakistan cricket,”

He also answered about the allegations made against him that he wants to be the Chairman of PCB, he replied, “These people have destroyed Pakistan cricket. I don’t have to work with them so there’s no reason to do it. You don’t just get appointed as the Chairman. One has to sit in the Prime Minister’s legs which I cannot do,”

He also clarified his comments on Pakistan skipper Sarfraz Ahmed, he said, “It all started on Javed Miandad’s birthday and on that day there was a match between Pakistan and Sri Lanka. On winning the match Sarfraz asked a question whether he wants to dedicate this win to Miandad, to which Sarfraz said that he criticises too much. On that, I commented that Sarfraz has been the captain for a few matches only and if can’t take criticism from a player like Miandad who never criticises but when he does he advises as well,”

“Players should take the criticism if they benefit from the advice of the players. That’s why I was upset with him (Sarfraz), if you cannot take the criticism than you don’t deserve it. A captain learns from the criticism and implements the good things. If you do this after two matches, then your journey ahead will be difficult,” he added.

Sohail also took credit for what he did when Pakistan lost to India on June 4 and how he backed Sarfraz & Co. to excel in ICC Champions Trophy 2017.