Bowler Drops Catch, Manages A Run-Out In Less Than One Second In German T20 League — Watch

This has to be one of the unluckiest dismissals you have ever seen!

Only till a few years ago, cricket was bound to just a few nations but now the sport is spreading to countries where people previously didn’t even know about cricket, let alone have a team. Recently, pictures of Russian players holding a practice session went viral. We also came across German Cricket TV Super Series 2018 T20 league of whose matches were streamed live for viewers on Facebook.

This may be a relatively unknown league but where there is cricket, the action is not far away. In a match between BW Sharks and Northern, the bowler went through a range of emotions on a single delivery.

The batsman tried to take on the spinner and went for an attacking shot. The bowler tried to get two hands on the ball but it slipped through. The deflection caused led to the ball hitting the top of the stumps and dislodging the bails. The non-striker was well outside the crease and ended up losing his wicket.

Here’s the video of the unique dismissal —

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We have seen dismissals where bowlers have tried to get their hands on the ball on the follow through to effect a run-out. One of the weirdest till date has been that of Australian leg-spinner Adam Zampa whose nose guided the ball to the wicket, leading to a run-out. But trying to take a catch and then unknowingly running out a batsman in the process is probably a first.