#BallTamperingRow: Here's Why The Cricketing World Was Harsh On Steve Smith, David Warner

I am not defending what the offending Australian cricketers did, but their punishment seems disproportionate

Steve Smith and David Warner have been suspended for a year from cricket and both cannot become the captain or vice-captain before two years. This, after the two Australian senior cricketers, admitted that they were party to  a plan to tamper the state of the ball to the advantage of Australian bowlers. The two cricketers, who were captains of the two Indian Premier League franchises, will not even participate in the league. But why was Cricket Australia so harsh on their celebrated captain? Was it a knee-jerk reaction?

Ball-tampering is nothing new in the sport, it has happened in the past and in all probability will happen in the future. So why is this the case, usually with Australia? Coach Darren Lehmann, who was let-off from this controversy, spoke extensively about the sporting culture in Australia and highlighted how ‘win, win and win’ is a culture!

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Does that mean Smith cheats? No, certainly!

It feels the protagonist who undertook the job of tampering the ball Cameron Bancroft, was merely a puppet. But why has Cricket Australia adopted such harsh measures and why has ICC not come out with the result of the probe as yet? And the final question, how big a crime is ball-tampering, is it a bigger crime than overstepping on purpose? Because, if both the crimes are same, why was Pakistani bowler Mohammad Aamir banned for 6 years, following his ‘no-ball-on-purpose’?

Here’s how Smith was sent out of South Africa. Too unceremonious, for a cricketer who has been compared with the legendary Sir Donald Bradman.

I don’t like this! @steve_smith49 isn’t a criminal!

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Since this incident came to the fore, these are the questions that have been bothering me.

It seems no one is in a mood to stop blaming Smith? But do you realise, we are humans and we do make mistakes and learn from them? But, the counter to this would be, how many times is a person allowed to do such things, apologise and get away? It is becoming a habit and I totally agree with that. Does that mean you tweak the rules to punish somebody and set an example for someone you projected as the Australian hero? No, would be the obvious answer. My point is simple, I am not defending what the offending Australian cricketers did, but their punishment seems disproportionate given how widespread ‘ball tampering’ is in the game. Personally, I do not believe that any other country in such a situation would have reacted in such a manner with their captain.

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A great case in point here would be Harbhajan Singh, and I really feel bad for him, but he should realise times, rules and the bosses have changed since Monkeygate that took place in 2008.

Amidst this furore, people seem to be also questioning Australia’s Ashes triumph and that according to me is the point. People have stopped believing Australia and that means all their past successes will now be questioned.

Here is David Warner’s statement issued by Cricket Australia on this controversy.

Finally, I would like to end by saying whatever Cricket Australia has done to Smith, if it serves the purpose, so be it. One has to understand like Virat Kohli works for BCCI, Smith works for Cricket Australia. But, if the game of cricket is decided by sandpapers and sugar then I can easily say that the future of the game we love, looks bleak.