Australians are no 'CHAIRBOYS' themselves, mocks Ian Chappel

India v Australia Ranchi Test: Ian Chappel feels the visitors are in no position to throw stones. India will head into the Test with their noses in front

The Australians are tough on-the field and off it as well. They are never shy of a word, you must have seen it during the ongoing India v Australia 4-Test series, which is nicely poised at 1-1. The Australian legend Ian Chappel feels the visitors are in no position to throw stones. He literally means, India will head into the third Test at Ranchi with their noses in front.

In his exclusive column for a foreign channel he said, “The officials need to take a harder stance against on-field chatter. I also don’t think the Australians are in any position to start throwing stones. They’re no choirboys themselves”.

Speaking about the famed rivalry between the two nations, Chappel said, “There’s been a lot of bad blood and chatter between the two countries so far, but that’s because it’s been good and intense cricket. But the administrators are foolish if they’re going to allow all this talking to continue on the field”.

He also spoke on the future of feuds and reckoned, “It it does, there’s going to be trouble. It’s been allowed to escalate over the years, and nobody is stepping in to stop it. It’s going to cause a huge problem one day on the field. It already causes a bit of animosity from time to time, but from the evidence so far this series it will go beyond that at some stage”.

He also spoke about the innumerable policemen at the field more than match officials he said, “We’ve never had so many policemen at a game of cricket as we do now – you’ve got referees, you’ve got four umpires, you’ve got all sorts of other people there, and yet nothing is done”.