Australian Batsman Jake Weatherald Left Embarrassed By Bizarre Hit Wicket Dismissal — Watch

Jake Weatherald will not forget this dismissal for a long time

Hit wickets are always embarrassing. The batsman is left high and dry because of his own mistake. These dismissals are not a regular affair and people often look for videos of most bizarre hit wicket dismissals. Probably, Australian batsman Jake Weatherald’s hit wicket is in line to make it to the list.

The left-handed batsman went for a front-footed drive against the left-arm pacer. The ball took an inside edge off the bat but it slipped out of Weatherald’s gloves. As he looked back to see where the bat is going, it had already hit the stumps and removed the bails.

Quite obvious, this left the 23-year-old red-faced. He stayed at the crease a little longer before taking the long walk back to the dressing room.

Here’s the video of the dismissal which you might play on loop:

Here are a few reactions to Weatherald’s faux pas including similar mistake from New South Wales batsman:

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Weatherald is lucky that it was a practice match between NPS and Victoria. Had it been in the JLT Cup (Australian domestic 50-over tournament) 2018-19, he would have had to face a few boos from the crowd.