Australian all-rounder Hilton Cartwright's shot hits Mehidy Hasan in ribs, Twitter applauds spinner's comeback

As Mehidy Hasan got up after taking a blow to his left rib, the Bangladeshi crowd cheered the off-spinner for his resilience

Day 3 of the Australia vs Bangladesh 2nd Test was action-packed and featured the Australian batsmen exhibiting commendable resilience as well as Mehidy Hasan’s will to carry on. The incident happened in the second session of Day 3 as Mehidy Hasan was bowling to Hilton Cartwright. The Australian all-rounder decided to take on Mehidy on the fifth ball of the 91st over. Cartwright went down the track and hit the ball with brute force. What happened next gave everyone on the field a scare.

Mehidy tried to catch the hit in reflex but the ball got deflected by his finger, hitting of his left ribs. The 19-year-old spinner fell down on the ground right after the impact, the players and Umpires gathered around him in no time. As he took off his jersey, there was a visible mark on his chest. Clearly, Mehidy was in pain from the impact of the ball on his ribs.

But the young Bangladeshi spinner impressed everyone with his will to play. It will go down in history books as an anecdote of the Bangladesh player who decided not to give up when the going got tough. He stood back on his feet after a few minutes as the Bangladesh crowd cheered their player.

Twitterati applauded Mehidy’s resilience while others were concerned about the bowler’s well-being.

While Mehidy was on the ground, Glenn Maxwell went to the pavilion to take a quick leak. The birthday boy sure made the most of the stoppage time.

Mehidy Hasan’s sweet revenge-

Even though Cartwright somehow got lucky with the catch lost, he could not make it count as the spinner had the last laugh. Mehidy got the wicket of Cartwright near the tea break. He got caught by Soumya Sarkar in the slip as the ball took an outside edge. Mehidy got the sweet revenge for the hit he took on his chest. Cartwright could only score 12 runs after the dropped catch.