Why has the ongoing Border-Gavaskar trophy become so TOXIC? Who is to be blamed? Australians or India?

India v Australia Test: Steven Smith by looking for help towards the dressing room actually cheated in a way, he also admitted to doing that

Cricketing pundits from across the world are touting the ongoing India vs Australia series as ‘toxic’, at least that is what Harsha Bhogle’s friends reckon. Brain fade to DRS to ugly animated faces made, this series has seen it all. It has also seen a ton by Smith at Pune on a crumbling wicket. You also saw the spinners from both sides having an impact. But, what has undoubtedly grabbed attention is the controversies, they galore!

Is this good for cricket? Who is to be blamed? Is this the most toxic ever? 

This is not good for cricket, period.

There cannot be any blame-game over this as the players play for the pride of their country and they do not play for personal benefits, especially these two nations. The two nations have played epic matches in the past, 2001 Kolkata, 2004 Adelaide, 2008 Sydney and many more. But this has seen it all, this is even bigger than the monkey gate. Smith by looking for help towards the dressing room actually cheated in a way. Then there was his acceptance of that. Virat Kohli coming out of the dressing room when Smith lost his review was another moment. Maxwell too breached the line by mocking Virat Kohli over his shoulder injury. It seems both the teams cannot stand each other at all.

This undoubtedly is the most toxic cricket series between India and Australia ever. If the ambassadors of the game breach the laws just to win it means they are setting the wrong precedence.

So what could have been done differently to avoid this?

As an outsider, I strongly feel the umpires and the match referee could have played a bigger role considering this is a massive series. They could have set the example early on in the series by taking a stern decision against an offense, setting the precedence.

Why are we talking this?

Recently, accomplished cricket broadcaster Harsha Bhogle lately took to Twitter and tweeted what his friends in India and Australia are feeling about the ongoing Test series which is locked at 1-1.

In the future umpires should not allow this to happen, no matter how big a player he may be. Cricket, the game is bigger than individuals and we should stick and adhere to that.