After being beaten in tennis, table tennis, Virat Kohli challenges Pujara for a badminton match – WATCH

Virat Kohli and Cheteshwar Pujara had a candid conversation during which Pujara asked Kohli if he would like to challenge him in any other sport

Though Virat Kohli may have scored his 6th double century and became the first ever Test captain to do so, he admitted to being beaten by another fellow Indian player. Indian batsman Cheteshwar Pujara has been defeating the Indian skipper in games other than cricket.

After the end of second day’s play, Virat Kohli and Cheteshwar Pujara had a candid conversation on during which Pujara asked Kohli if he would like to challenge him in any other sport. To this, Virat replied and said,

I am going to admit something today. I am very competitive. I hate playing against people who don’t make errors. This guy (Pujara) plays so safely that I end up making errors and lose every thing. He beats me in tennis, table-tennis and now even FIFA. I will try my luck in badminton, it’s a fast game and maybe I can beat him.

Here’s the video:

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Both players had a long chat in which Pujara asked a few questions and Kohli responded to them all. The conversation started with Kohli describing his feelings on achieving 6th double hundred. He said,

It feels wonderful. It was always my mindset is to score big 100s. Something I watched you do a lot in your career and learnt also how to concentrate for longer periods. I got inspired by your will to keep batting on for the team as long as possible.

Watch the full chat session here:

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On being asked what keeps him going across all the formats, Kohli said,

We know as professional cricketers we don’t have many years so we have to make the most of it. I try to stay as fit as possible. I take care of my diet and training which has paid me off till now. As we all know that in the latter half of our career it’s going to get more difficult. So I train as much as possible.

The next question was about Kohli’s transformation and when did it start. To this, Kohli replied,

It all started after 2012 IPL. I had high expectations for myself. I wanted to dominate but it couldn’t happen. My mental state was bad, I was eating bad and my habits were bad. I came out of shower one day and thought I can’t look like this as an international cricketer. I changed everything from that day onwards.

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On being asked about scoring a double in ODIs, Kohli said,

It’s not something which I cannot plan. I think openers have more chance. If I get to bat early, the wickets is nice to bat on and if I get a good start maybe I can do that. I came close twice but it’s something you can’t pinpoint. Rohit has done it twice. I don’t think I can hit as many shots as him in the latter half of the inning. Hence he did it and he is unstoppable.

Kohli also revealed his favourite format of cricket and said,

My favourite format is Test cricket and we are making sure that this should be the most important format because as a cricketer we know how pleasing it is to score in Test matches. My favourite hundred was in Adelaide, 2nd innings and favourite double hundred was in Mumbai – 235.

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