Adam Gilchrist's Dig At World Cup 2019 Favourites, England, Is Making Twitter LOL

And we just can't wait for Adam Gilchrist's commentary during England vs Australia clash

Former Australian cricketer Adam Gilchrist was at Fox Cricket’s World Cup launch on May 21 when he heard a loud bang in the ground. And just like that, he couldn’t stop himself from trolling England, who enter the tournaments as one of the prominent favourites.

As soon as he recovered from the loud noise of possible demolition in the background, the 47-year-old took a hilarious dig at Eoin Morgan’s side as he said, “That was a proper demolition. That was England in the semis.”

Twitter could not stop themselves from getting a piece of the action:

So true!

Effortless trolling

Let the banter begin

Very cheeky

Always pouncing on opportunities

The hosts, England, are yet to win a 50-over World Cup. Seeing the brand of cricket they have played in the past few years, it is their best chance to take the trophy home. England will take on Australia on June 25. If enough former English cricketers watched Gilly’s banter, they will be waiting for an opportunity to hit back.