BCCI Chief Selector Performs 'Pitch Puja' Before 2nd INDvWI ODI, Gets Trolled By Fans

What's next for MSK Prasad?

BCCI chief selector MSK Prasad is currently getting flak from fans after pulling a rather unusual stunt right before the 2nd ODI between India and Windies on October 24. Before the match, where the two teams tied, Prasad arranged for a ‘pitch puja’ at the Andhra Cricket Association (ACA-VDCA) cricket stadium.

India is a country that respects tradition. Rituals like are not unheard of sometime prior to the the match but it is rare for such an event to be held on the same day. This wasn’t the first ODI played at the stadium. The first ODI played here was in 2005 and since then seven more ODIs were played before the October 24 clash.

The ACA official and former Andhra cricketer Gottamukkala Jogi Jagannadha Raju was baffled by the incident and even went on to call Prasad a ‘cricket illiterate’. Here’s what he said in an interview with Times of India:

“How can MSK take part in such an activity? He is the Chairman of the National Selection Committee and it doesn’t suit his position. This is what happens when ‘cricket illiterates’ are in positions which they are not suited for. The game is secular and bringing religion and superstitious beliefs into the picture is not proper. This is a shameful act on the part of MSK.”

Needless to say, Prasad’s ritual did not work in India’s favour as they could barely manage to tie the match dominated by the hosts. GJJ Raju further added:

“The game is won or lost on the skills of the players and invoking the gods will not help anyone. Aren’t we making a fool of ourselves by indulging in such cheap gimmicks? The BCCI should take a note of it and make sure that such things do not happen in the future,”

He gave social media plenty of reasons to troll him:

In light of recent events, yes.

There’s another way to look at it, we didn’t loose.

Suits fine

Don’t think that far ahead

Yeah, they did!

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