5 batsmen who have given bowlers a nightmare in 2016 across all formats

These batsmen have let their bats do the talking

Most people feel that cricket is a batsman’s game as the emphasis is on them to keep the scoreboard moving. On the other hand, one mistake is all it takes for a batsman to lose his wicket and hand over the match to the opposition. While it is difficult to be consistent with the bat, here are 5 cricketers who have given bowlers a nightmare this year.

#5 Kane Williamson

This year, the New Zealand skipper has played 10 Tests and scored 753 runs at an average of 47.06. Williamson has scored 1 century and six fifties in white clothes. In 15 ODIs, he has made 559 runs at an average of 37.26 with one century and 4 fifties. He has a healthy average of 47.87 in T20Is. In 10 appearances, he has made 383 runs with 3 half-centuries. Overall, Williamson has scored 1695 runs in 35 matches at an average of 43.46.

Kane Williamson, New Zealand cricket team

Kane Williamson (Courtesy: Express Photo/Kevin D’Souza)

#4 Steven Smith

The Australian captain averages 47.62 this year with 2048 runs in 43 matches. In 9 Tests, he has scored 721 runs in 15 innings at an average of 55.46. Smith has 2 centuries and 4 half-centuries to his name in this format. His performance in ODIs has been quite impressive. In 26 matches, he has scored 1154 runs at an average of 50.17 with 3 centuries and 7 half-centuries. With an average of 24.71 in T20Is, Smith has scored 173 runs in 8 matches with one fifty.

Steven Smith, Australian cricket team

Steven Smith
(Courtesy: AP Photo/Rick Rycroft)

#3 David Warner

The opener has played 9 Tests this year and has scored 560 runs in 16 innings. With an average of 37.33, Warner has 2 half-centuries and a century to his name in the purest form of the game. In 23 ODIs, he has scored 1388 runs with a solid average of 63.09. Warner has scored 7 centuries and 4 fifties this year in the limited overs format. The pocket-sized dynamo hasn’t contributed much in T20Is. In 10 outings, he has scored 238 runs at an average of 23.80 and has one fifty to his name. Overall, he has scored 2186 runs in 42 matches for Australia.

David Warner, Australian cricket team

David Warner
(Courtesy: Express Photo/Jasbir Malhi)

#2 Joe Root

Joe Root has been a mainstay in the English batting line-up. He has scored 2476 runs this year so far in 40 matches at an average of 50.53. In 16 Tests, he has made 1383 runs in 30 innings at an average of 49.39 with 3 centuries and 9 half-centuries. As far as ODIs are concerned, he has scored 796 runs in 15 matches at an average of 61.23. He has been exceptional in the limited-overs with 2 centuries and 6 half-centuries. Root has made 297 runs in 9 T20Is at an average of 37.12 with 2 fifties.

Joe Root, England cricket team

Joe Root
(Courtesy: PTI Photo/Shashank Parade)

#1 Virat Kohli

This year has been exceptional for the Indian skipper. He surely has hit a purple patch. In 11 Test matches, he has made 1200 runs in 17 innings with 3 double centuries. The Delhi lad averages 80 with 4 centuries and 2 half-centuries. He has made 739 runs in 10 ODIs at an average of 92.37 with 3 centuries and 4 fifties. With an astonishing average of 106.83 in T20Is, Kohli has scored 641 runs in 15 games with 7 half-centuries to his credit. Can Kohli maintain his supremacy?

Virat Kohli, Indian cricket team

Virat Kohli
(Courtesy: PTI Photo/Shashank Parade)