20 calls to former Indian cricketer's daughter: How cricket fans go overboard with the craze

The cops tracked the man using the location of nearby telephone towers from where he used to make the calls

India is a cricket-crazy nation. But sometimes the craze infringes upon the private lives of cricketers and become stalking. A 32-year-old man from West Bengal was nabbed and arrested for stalking former Indian cricketer’s daughter, whom he had seen on the TV during a match. He was identified as Debkumar Maity.

The accused told India Today,

“I saw her on tv sitting at the pavilion during a match and fell in love…I want to marry her. I fetched the landline number of Tendulkar and have called on it some 20 times…Have never seen her in person.”

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Maity had apparently got hold of former cricketer’s landline number and made about 20 calls, wishing to speak with his daughter. He allegedly said lewd things over the phone after which former cricketer filed a complaint on January 5.

He reportedly has a long history of mental illness and is currently undergoing medication. He has been undergoing treatment for the past 8 years. His father died recently.

The cops tracked the man using the location of nearby telephone towers from where he used to make the calls and will now be taken to Mumbai in a 3-day transit remand.

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This is not the first time that a cricketer or their families were harassed by their fans. Check out a few other incidences:

When David Warner was stalked!

Dhoni gets blocked:
Mahendra Singh Dhoni is no stranger to being stalked, keeping in mind his popularity. A fangirl stood in the front of his Hummer and blocked his way. Dhoni requested the lady to move but the girl was too determined to take the selfie and autograph. Reports suggest that the lady is a hardcore fan of Dhoni and had been following the former captain for some time.

MS Dhoni's fan!

MS Dhoni’s fan!

R Ashwin came face to face with online stalker
Ravichandran Ashwin — a married man with kids — also revealed in 2016 that he had a female stalker. During a live chat session on Indian Cricket team’s official Facebook page, he reportedly came face to face with his stalker while answering her question.