CPL 2017: Ball hits stumps but batsman not given out, bowler stunned as Umpire signals boundary | Watch Video

This incident will go down as one of the most bizarre incidents of modern day cricket when the ball hit the stumps but the bails were not dislodged

Caribbean Premier League (CPL) Season 5 started only a few days ago and we have already witnessed something really bizarre. Trinbago Knight Riders (TKR) and St Lucia Stars (SLS) went up against each other in Match 6 of CPL 2017 where an unbelievable moment left people on the ground and in the stands completely stunned. Ander Fletcher (SLS) faced the bowler Khary Pierre (TKR) in the 7th over of SLS innings.

Fletcher was under pressure to increase a rather restricted run rate and so on the second delivery of the over, Fletcher tried to pitch the ball for a six. But he completely missed the delivery which went on to hit the stumps. Pierre began celebrating the wicket, which even got updated on the TV scoreboard, however, they had to roll the score back as the bails had not dislodged off the stumps.

Left-arm bowler, Pierre, was left stunned and helpless as not only had the ball hit the stumps but even the LED lights got lit up. The bails, though, remained where they were. The ball further rolled down for a boundary, as wicketkeeper Dinesh Ramdin and TKR fielders remained unmoved, shocked by the series of events. Fletcher, too, could not believe his luck as got a second chance despite being knocked over by the bowler.

The New Zealand commentator Dany Morrison could not believe what he witnessed. He shouted in shock as the ball went towards the boundary and the Umpire signalled byes.

Fletcher went on to score 40 runs from 45 deliveries before Shadab Khan took his wicket in the 16th over. SLS could only manage to score 118 for 9 in 20 overs, with Pierre’s bowling figures reading 15 for 1 in 4 overs, including a maiden. He, though, was robbed of a wicket which he deserved for outsmarting Fletcher.

Despite the blunder, TKR were able to finish the match quite easily as they chased down the total quite comfortably with 26 balls remaining. CPL’s Twitter handle shared the video with a witty caption, “Chewing gum on the stumps”.