'Champion' singer Dwayne Bravo celebrates the success of his peppy track

Bravo thanks fans for appreciating his song that made him an internet sensation

Dwayne Bravo, also known as DJ Bravo, couldn’t control his excitement when his song, ‘Champion’, crossed 30 million views on YouTube. While the West Indies cricketer is known for his all-around performance on-field, his dynamic personality off the field has garnered equal attention. The song, launched in March earlier this year, became an instant hit among the youth. Celebrating the achievement, DJ thanked his fans on Twitter.

DJ, you don’t have to thank your fans! They want to thank you in return for belting out such a peppy track.

Fans twerking on Bravo’s tunes (GIF: Sahil Magoo)

Bravo has been a mainstay in the Indian Premier League. In the first three seasons, he was a part of Mumbai Indians. Later, he was picked up by Chennai Super Kings (CSK) and went on to perform exceptionally well for the team. At present, he is a part of Gujarat Lions as CSK have been suspended for two years.

While his on-field performance won the hearts of million cricket fans, off the field, he launched his single music Chalo Chalo in 2015. Another song of his that has more than a million views.

Watch: Dwayne Bravo’s single Chalo Chalo

(Video Courtesy: YouTube.com/Dwayne Bravo)

Bravo also made a special appearance in the Tamil film, Ula. He sang the song, ‘Yenda’ in the film.

Dwayne Bravo’s cameo in a Tamil film (GIF: Sahil Magoo)

The 32-year-old cricketer-singer will be soon making his debut in Bollywood. As reported by Indian Express, the duo of Bravo and Ankit Tewari will sing the song, ‘Jager Bomb’ for director Anubhav Sinha’s film, Tum Bin 2. The song will be shot in the first week of September and will have special dancers flown down from Romania. Bravo will also learn few lines in Hindi. No the words that he might have picked up on-field.

Dwayne Bravo is all geared up for his Bollywood debut (GIF: Sahil Magoo)

Bravo retired from Test cricket last year but has been an integral part of the West Indies T-20 team. The lethal combination of being an aggressive finisher in the lower batting order and being a specialist death bowler has won many matches for the team. After winning the ICC T20I Championship in 2012, the team celebrated to the tunes of Gangnam Style. This year, they competed again, conquered the title and celebrated like true ‘Champions’. After all, Bravo knew it was coming.

Watch: West Indies celebrate 2016 ICC T20I championship win

(Video Courtesy: YouTube.com/Vega Entertainment)

  • (Champion song video: YouTube.com/DJ Bravo Champion)