Be my bunny if you want to coach team India! Virat Kohli wants to say this to new coach?

Millions of Indian cricket fans were left stunned after Anil Kumble announced his decision of stepping down from the post of team India's head coach

Millions of Indian cricket fans were left stunned after Anil Kumble announced his decision of stepping down from the post of team India’s head coach on June 20. Anil Kumble shared a post on his Twitter and Facebook account to inform his and team India’s fans about his decision. In his post he wrote that he was informed by the BCCI that the Indian skipper (Virat Kohli) had reservations with his ‘style’ and about his continuing as the head coach.

“…I was informed for the first time yesterday by the BCCI that the captain had reservations with my ‘style’ and about my continuing as the head coach. I was surprised since I have always respected the role boundaries between captain and coach. Though the BCCI attempted to resolve the misunderstandings between the captain and me, it was apparent that the partnership was untenable, and I therefore believe it is best for me to move on.”

These words by Anil Kumble shattered millions of Indian cricket team fans.

Anil Kumble is one of the finest spinner India have ever produced. There were times when team India depended largely on the genius of Anil Kumble. By picking up 619 wickets in Test cricket he his till now third-highest wicket taker of all time.

Anil Kumble

We have been following Anil Kumble since he took six wickets for giving out just 12 runs in an One Day International match against the West Indies at Eden Gardens, Calcutta in 1993, which was an Indian record for a very long time.

From him we learned the exact meaning of ‘Never Give Up’, when he bowled 14 consecutive overs with a broken jaw and bandage on his face in 2002. Anil Kumble’s fighting spirit against the West Indies in Antigua Test, is one of the bravest things the world witnessed on the cricket field.

Rift between the players and a coach is common thing, but this is something big and the result may hamper team India’s performance in the coming series. Anil Kumble earned the name ‘Jumbo’ for his big heart, for his ability to easily gel with the teammates like Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly, Rahul Dravid, and for being a team player. We wonder why he failed to gel with Virat Kohli.

Anil Kumble quits

Anil Kumble quits as team India;s coach

What Message Virat Kohli’s wants to spread out to the new coach?

Recently, living legend of the Indian cricket Sunil Gavaskar lashed out at the players who forced the Anil to resign, saying those players should be left out of the team. Gavaskar further termed Anil Kumble’s resignation as a sad day for Indian cricket.

He even targeted Virat Kohli for his rift and problems he had with the hard taskmaster. Talking to NDTV, “So you want softies. You want somebody to just tell you, ‘ok boys, don’t practice today because you guys are not feeling well, ok take a holiday, go shopping’. You want that kind of a person. If somebody is a hard taskmaster and he has got you results like Anil Kumble has got over the last one year. If any of the players are complaining, I feel those players are the ones who should be left out of the team.”

“But what this is sending a signal for the next coach is either bow down to what the players want you to do, otherwise you, like one of India’s cricket legends Anil Kumble, you will have to step down and that is a sad, sad, sad message,” Gavaskar added.

Under Anil Kumble Indian team register win in five Test series against West Indies, England, New Zealand, Australia and Bangladesh. He recently led India to the finals of the ICC Champions Trophy in England. Will they continue their good run in the coming series? Is the matter of concern.

Virat Kohli, no doubt is a talented batsman, but his decision making on the field still remains a matter of concern. His recent bowling changing tactics against Pakistan in the finals of the ICC Champions Trophy is a standing testimony to that. He needs time, he needs to understand that he alone cannot win matches, guidance is a must a team needs to flourish and perform upto their potential.