Australian journo who called Virat Kohli a 'sweeper' is actually a closet fanboy. We've proof!

Australian journalist was criticised by Virat Kohli's fans for posting his photo sweeping the floors ahead of Independence Cup T20I series

An Australian journalist, Dennis Freedman, had started a mini-war on social media when he tried to troll Virat Kohli before the start of the historic Independence Cup 2017 between Pakistan and World XI cricket teams. As is known, Indian was not part of the tournament because of geo-political issues. However, Freedman who has a strange knack for trolling Indian cricketers, made up for Indian team’s absence from the tournament by posting a Kohil’s photograph holding a broom. The caption read: “Sweepers clean the stadium in readiness for the World XI match”. His referring to Kohli as “sweeper” angered Indian cricket fans no end. He continued his “anti-India” activities by sporting a  T-shirt carrying the slogan ‘Sachin Who?’ – the ultimate insult for any Indian cricket fan.

He was at the receiving end of some straightforward criticism from none other than the Turbanator – Harbhajan Singh who defended Kohli and called Freedman “a stupid guy”. To which the man responded by dragging S Sreesanth and reminding everyone of the infamous “slapgate” episode.

He tweeted to Sreesanth with the message: “”Hey @sreesanth36 Reckon you could slap @harbhajan_singh for me next time you see him?”

Now, the Australian journalist wears the tag “stupid guy” as a badge of honour. His obsession with Indian cricketers is clear when one reads his Twitter bio:

“Cricket journalist. Writer of bad jokes. Host of @Cantbowlthrow. Described by Harbhajan as a “stupid guy”

Well, what we have now figured is that Freedman is not so much of a hater of Indian cricketers and  particularly not at least of Kohli, whom he enjoys trolling on social media with posts like this:

If anything he is a Kohli fanboy like many of us. A look at his articles will expose his deep love for the Indian captain.

For the past couple of days he has been tweeting an article written by him in 2014, titled “The day that King Kohli was born”.

The article is nothing but an ode to the brilliance of Kohli as a leader.

In his article Freedman recalls the iconic Adelaide test match between India and Australia in 2014. The match remains in public memory, particularly because during this series, Australian opener Phil Hughes died on the cricket field while playing a domestic cricket match.

In his article, Freedman writes paragraphs after paragraphs celebrating the leadership qualities of Kohli when faced with difficult situations during the run chase in the match, which India eventually lost to Australia.

Here’s an excerpt from the article.

The score is 7/304. Only 59 to go.

But India will never get there.

Virat had told his team the night before that they could win. For many listening, these are just random expected words that he had to say. To Kohli, he was delivering a message that he believed was true. And win they nearly did. All it needed was one more man to ride the Kohli wave. To want it bad enough. To go with him as he made a hundred and then another one. But great leaders do not grow on trees.

And while the Australians celebrated over on the 408 sign in the outfield, and as the cricket world dried their eyes, and as India wondered what might have been, a new King had announced his arrival.

King Kohli.

On the same day, he also posted the mandatory fanboy selfie with the man he pretends to hate.


After these sweet tweets, we are sure that Indian fans will be able to forgive his earlier comments on Kohli.