'Arnold of India' Mukesh Singh Gehlot becomes world champion, THIS MAN IS STEEL

This is the second World Championship title for the hunk

Mukesh Singh Gehlot, fondly called the ‘Arnold of India’ have made the country proud again as he has won a gold medal in World Power-lifting Championship. The athlete, who is also a champion body builder, played in the tournament under 125 kg Raw category and became the world champion. He had also won the championship in 2013. So, this is his second title.
Gaurav Sharma also won a gold medal in 140 kg Raw category in the tournament held in England. Vaibhav Rana and Kanwardeep Singh bagged silver medals in 125 and 110 kg Raw categories.

Mukesh Singh Gehlot is a legend when it comes to professional body building. He is fondly called ‘guru ji’. The champion bodybuilder has won Mr India title four times in 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2012. Gehlot have almost all the awards under his belts when comes to power lifting. Mukesh Gehlot belongs to a farming family. He resides in Delhi. He started bodybuilding at the age of 19 in 1997. He trained under renowned bodybuilding guru Bhupendra Dhawan in Delhi’s The Gym.

Mukesh Singh Gehlot has an amazing story to tell about how he would become a passionate body builder and a champion. In an interview with health blogger Tarun Gill, Mukesh Singh Gehlot told that he had causally gone to a body building show. He was so impressed with the performances of the athletes that he decided to become one. When Gehlot inquired where the winners of the show trained, they said The Gym. Inspired by the show, he went to meet Dhawan. And, rest is history.

Mukesh Gehlot is all praises for his trainer Bhupendra Dhawan. He credits his success to him. He said he would go to The Gym traveling in bus. Dhawan was a tough task master. He would thrash him for indiscipline, but later care for him like his own son.

Talking about his diet, Mukesh Gehlot said a person should always know about his requirement before taking supplements. He said an aspiring bodybuilder should not take supplements for a few months. He also advised that only branded supplements should be used.