An angry BULLOCK enters cricket field, almost hits the Umpire on a run | Watch Video

In bizarre serious events, a Cheshire Cricket League match got interrupted by a charging Bullock who almost hit the Umpire and the players

In the history of cricket, we have seen matches interrupted due to a streaker, squirrel, dogs, bee swarm, baboons and what not. But, this time a cow decides to play spoilsport in a cricket game as she runs from the long off boundary during a village cricket match between Kerridge and Mosley during a Cheshire Cricket League fixture. Initially, the Bullock was just standing at the long off area minding his own business. Suddenly, he started his run furiously charging towards the pitch, her mood turned aggressive as she almost hit a player, the Umpire had a close call as well.

Though the cow did not turn back and charge at the players and left the cricket field. It is not the first time a cow has interrupted a game, it happened during another club cricket game a few years ago. The Mossley Cricket Club tweeted the video soon after. The club was also celebrating it’s 50th anniversary. In a surprising turn of events, the Cheshire Police took notice of the incident and tweeted, “Report of a ginger Bullock at large in #Bollington. He is nervous of people and not to be approached. Please report sightings to 101,”

It was a narrow escape for the Umpire as he could have been injured severely had the Bullock hit him. Watch a few other incidents that have happened so far.

Similar incidents have happened in the history of cricket. The most recent one being the match between South Africa vs Sri Lanka at Johannesburg where a swarm of bees invaded the cricket field. The players had to duck and wait for the groundsmen to guide them away from the cricket field with the fire extinguisher.