Alastair Cook UNSIGHTED, takes a catch that will blow your mind. Watch Video

Alastair Cook catch: Alastair Cook is the highest run scorer for his country in the longest format with over 11,000 runs in Tests and still going strong

The English team may have lost to Pakistan in the ICC Champions Trophy 2017 semi-finals, thanks to slip-ups on the field but this English cricketer has shown that fielding or catching is a piece of cake for him. Alastair Cook is not a name you associate with great fielding but he has proved here that no fielder can take a catch like he did. Yes, he did. Cook, the English opener who is not a part of their One Day International outfit is playing a county match for Essex Cricket Country Club. It was day three and this is an event that happened after the match while Cook was giving an interview.

So what happened:

It is a 34-second video, Cook is wearing the Essex outfit and he seems to be engrossed in a conversation with the presenter. The video rolls on, Cook has his hands inserted in his pocket. There is a cricketer in the backdrop of the video getting ready for a hit (a casual knock), probably looking to get a feel of the ball hitting his bat. Suddenly we find the ball is hit towards him and all this while he is unsighted. As the ball approaches in his direction and we are certain it is going to hit him. That is when he plucks his left hand out and plucks it out of thin air just in the nick of time.Whoa!!! That is caught even the presenter is left bewildered, scared and shocked.

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Posted by Essex County Cricket Club on Tuesday, 27 June 2017

In fact, Cook, who started day three on 64 runs unbeaten, went on to score a century off 135 balls in the first class cricket tournament. Cook moved to a third century of the season and his 59th overall with a flick down to fine leg.

It may be a catch we have never-seen before but is hard to believe that it was instinctive as it is so unreal that it feels it is scripted. But that is again presumption and assumption. For now, let us give it to Cook for taking a blinder, literally.