Ahmed Shehzad's Silly Review After Dropping An Easy Catch Gives Us Major Deja Vu

When will you learn, Ahmed Shehzad?

Ahmed Shehzad is not the best fielders around. To make matters worse, his habit of claiming catches he did not take is plain annoying. In a recent domestic 50-over Pakistan Cup clash, Shehzad dropped a sitter on the boundary. It was visible to the naked eye that he had dropped the catch but the 27-year-old asked the on-field umpire to ask third umpire for a review.

The replay showed that the ball had gone through his hands, bounced on the ground and picked up later. It almost triggered a flashback for cricket fans as Shehzad had done it in international cricket as well.

The Pakistani batsman falsely claimed a catch against Sri Lanka in an ODI. But, the replay showed that the ball had rolled on the ground when he dived.

It is hard to imagine that he did not knew that the ball had touched the ground. With cameras to scrutinise each and every move of a player, a cricketer should know that he cannot get away like this. In addition to it, he will face embarrassment, criticism and labelled as a cheat for it.

Yet again, he was trolled for his laughable attempt:

Deja Vu!

Hoping against hope

Everyone is looking for the same answer

Achievement unlocked!

Ignorance is bliss

Here’s another one

More drama

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