Adam Zampa reveals his side of the story during stone-pelting incident after Guwahati T20I — Watch Video

Adam Zampa expresses his disappointment over stone-pelting incident after Australia won the Guwahati T20I easily by outclassing Team India

The Australian team bus was attacked with a stone which raised many questions on the security of the players. Australia won the second T20I at Guwahati and were travelling back to the hotel when this happened. Australian leg-spinner Adam Zampa shared his version of the story when the horrific incident took place. Zampa shared the environment inside the Australian team bus when the incident happened and what was their reaction.

In a video posted by Cricket Australia, Zampa said, “I had my headphones on quite loud and was looking towards the other side of the bus. I just heard this loud bang. It was pretty scary for five seconds or so. Our security guard mentioned quite quickly that it might have been a rock. It was a pretty scary incident. You never want those things to happen. It was disappointing.”

“I think everyone was alright. I think what happened in Bangladesh with the rock as well, no one was too rattled,” Zampa recalled a similar incident which took place in Bangladesh. “It was dealt with quite well, I think. It was just a disappointing thing to happen.”

The leg spinner shared his views on the Indian fans as well, he said, “They’re so loud; they love cricket; and they’re so passionate about it. So one person to spoil that is disappointing. Guwahati doesn’t get much cricket as it is so for one person to do that and to spoil it for the rest of the Indian fans, it’s pretty disappointing.”

Zampa bowled well in the second T20I taking 2 wickets in his spell. First, he picked the wicket of Kedar Jadhav who was looking settled in the crease and looking to hit big shots. Jadhav could not pick the googly and ended up getting bowled. His second wicket was MS Dhoni who fell prey to his own gameplan by getting stumped out for the first time in his T20I career.