Aakash Chopra slays Pakistan Twitterati for mocking Team India after losing to WI. Here's what he said

Aakash Chopra received numerous tweets from Pakistani Twitterati who mocked Team India on their loss to West Indies. However, he had smart replies to shut them all

Cricket commentator and former Indian opener Aakash Chopra recently involved in a spat with some Twitterati from Pakistan after he Tweeted about India’s loss to West Indies in 4th ODI. Team India lost the 4th ODI to West Indies by 11 runs in the 4th ODI of the India vs West Indies series held on July 2 in Antigua. The incident happened late in the night when the people in India were sleeping. However, they woke up to the news that India lost to West Indies. The Indian cricket fan was surely disappointed and so was Aakash Chopra.

On July 3, when the former Indian cricketer got to know about this, he took to his official Twitter account, known as @cricketaakash, and tweeted about Team India’s loss to 7th ranked team, West Indies. In his tweet, he wrote,”Woke up to realise that India lost to WI. Pinched myself. So, India’s last three ODI losses are to teams ranked 9th (WI), 8th Pakistan and 7th SriLanka.”

Soon after he wrote this post, he received some weird replies from several Twitterati who were from Pakistan. On of those, named Aisha Pk (@Bajwa3700), said,”Gharr k shair team india (Team India are heroes only in their home.”

Now that was pretty derogatory and in reply, Aakash Chopra had something very strong to give back with. Aakash replied saying,”Aap Toh rehne do please…aapka toh apne hi ghar mein ghusna mana hai (You please leave it. you people are not even allowed to enter your own homes.)

Well, that was not enough. After this one, another Twitterati from Pakistan said,”Ham dusron k Ghar m ghus k Marty hn janab.Geedron ko apnay Ghar nh ghusnay dete. Shikast ki adat dal,lo ab (We beat others after getting into their houses. We don’t allow foxes to enter ours. Get used to losses).

This was even ruder than the previous one. However, Aakash Chopra kept his cool and once again replied smartly. He wrote,”I agree…aapke bahut log India mein ghus rahen hain. Roz encounters Ki khabar aati hair. By the way, why isn’t Pak playing cricket at home?

After reading some of these tweets we must say that with the course of time, Aakash Chopra has not only developed himself as a well-versed commentator but also as a smart Twitterati. That was indeed a good jibe on the opponent. Kudos!