5 Famous divorce cases of international cricketers. Some names will shock you!

There are certain cricketers who went through such a phase of life. Here we mention 5 such international cricketers who divorced their wives

Cricket has been a game which has given a celebrity status to numerous players who played for their countries. A majority of them started as a common man and ended up finding their news on the sports page of a newspaper. After gaining a lot of name and fame, many of them led a calm and stable life while some of them landed into an unhappy married life which led to their divorce. The cricketers had to separate from their better halves and their life events caught the media attention as well.

There are certain Indian cricketers who went through such a phase of life. The people across the country have always been keen to know about cricketers who were divorced or married more than once. Here we mention 5 International cricketers who divorced their wives:

  1. Mohammed Azharuddin
Mohammad Azharuddin

L: Mohammad Azharuddin with his first wife Naureen/ R: Azharuddin with 2nd wife Sangeeta Bijlani

The former Indian captain was one of the stylish players of Team India. His swag is unmatchable yet but in the late 1990s, his game got overshadowed by few controversies. His first marriage didn’t work well and he was divorced from his first wife Naureen. This divorce cost him an enormous amount of money he had to pay to Naureen. Later, he married to Bollywood actress and Miss India 1980, Sangeeta Bijlani. Unfortunately, his second marriage also ended in a divorce in 2010.

2. Vinod Kambli

Vinod Kambli

L: Vinod Kambli with his first wife Noella Lewis/ R: Vinod Kambli with her second wife Andrea Hewitt

Former Indian batsman Vinod Kambli’s cricket career didn’t go very and neither his first marriage. In 1998, he was married to Noella Lewis who worked as a receptionist at Hotel Blue Diamond. Later he was divorced from Noella and married Andrea Hewitt who was a fashion Model. The couple had a baby boy in 2010 whom they named Jesus Christiano.

3. Imran Khan

Imran Khan

L: Imran Khan with first wife Jemima Goldsmith/ R: Imran Khan’s second wife Reham Khan

The most successful captain of Pakistan cricket team till date. Imran Khan was a batting all-rounder who gained a large number of followers not only due to his god game but also due to his looks. Under his captaincy, Pakistan won the World Cup 1992. However, his first marriage couldn’t be so successful. In 1995, he married to Jemima Goldsmith in Paris. Later, Jemima converted to Islam and the couple has two kids, Sulaiman Isa and Kasim. After 9 long years, the couple divorced on June 22, 2004. 11 years later, Imran Khan married British-Pakistani journalist Reham Khan in a private Nikah ceremony at his residence in Islamabad.

4. Dinesh Karthik

Dinesh Karthik

L: Dinesh Karthik’s first wife Nikita / R: Karthik’s second wife Dipika Pallikal

Another controversy which did rounds in the year 2012. According to several media reports, Dinesh Karthik came to know about the affair of his wife Nikita with his Indian Teammate Murli Vijay. Both Karthik and Murli shared a good bond of friendship but later the friendship was destroyed. Dinesh Karthik divorced his wife, Nikita while she was pregnant with a boy and soon after that Murali Vijay and Nikita married each other. 3 years later, on 18 August 2015, Dinesh married Indian squash player Dipika Pallikal in Chennai.

5. Jonty Rhodes

Jonty Rhodes

L: Jonty Rhodes with his first wife Kate Mc Carthy/ R: Jonty Rhodes’ second wife Melanie Wolf

The Superman of the cricket world who is widely known for his fielding skills. This South African cricketer married Kate McCarthy, niece of former South African cricketer Cuan McCarthy, on 16 April 1994. Their marriage didn’t work out and they separated in 2013. A year later, in 2014, he married to Melanie Wolf. Rhodes’ second wife Melanie gave birth to a daughter named India Rhodes on 24 April 2015 in Mumbai while the couple had their second baby in 2017.

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