10 funny moments when cricket ground looked like a circus

Sachin Tendulkar, Mike Hussey, Inzamam-- all these legends have had their moments of embarrassments

Cricket is a gentlemen’s game. It is an old saying. This means that cricket should appear pleasing to eyes. But the old saying is old now. Cricket is not a gentlemen’s game now. It is as raw, as competitive as any other game in the world. With the advent of IPL, everything comes under entertainment. Now, cricket is just entertainment, entertainment and entertainment. Be it an ugly fight, or abuse war, or even coming close to blows, cricket has seen all in the recent past.

However, it is not that cricket was not fun before T-20. There have been many instances when cricket was funny. There have been many controversies in cricket history. Some even in the recent past. When Indian Team went to Australia under captain Anil Kumble, there were many controversies and clashes between Individual players. There have been instances when matches were abandoned. However, there have also been funny moments in cricket.

Like this video that you just watched. Many great players have been caught in embarrassing situations. Like former Pakistan captain Injamam ul Haq lost his balance and fell on the stumps. Indian legend Sachin Tendulkar also have had a terrible mix up while playing. Ultimately he got out. But, the other team couldn’t be given full marks as to their fielding. If they were good, Sachin would have been not out.

Pakistan’s all-rounder Abdul Razak also had an embarrassing moment when he slipped at the outfield while fielding. When he got up, then slipped again. Though, he saved the ball from crossing the boundary, the batsmen already had run 4 between the wickets.

South African cricketer Neil McKenzie had the most embarrassing moment. He dived to save the ball from crossing the boundary. He stopped in the middle. But, when he got we saw his pants were down. It made for a great cricket memory.

Mr Cricket Mike Hussey misjudged a ball while catching. Everybody laughed.

The funny moment involving IPL side CSK looked like a circus. The entire CSK team made a fool of themselves as they mis-fielded several times in one go. Off course to the displeasure of Captain MS Dhoni. 

Cricket also saw a sleazy moment. A spectator on camera took off her top. The crowd cheered.

See, cricket has always been entertainment, entertainment, entertainment. You just have to know where to look and what to look for.