Zomato Gold Policies Have Changed, You Might As Well Cancel That Sunday Brunch

Users downvoted the app, alleging that they had been cheated

When food delivery app Zomato launched Zomato Gold, a facility for its exclusive members, consumers were attracted to the subscription like moths to a flame. But, irate users are now expressing extreme displeasure, alleging that Zomato has sneakily changed its policies of the Gold membership.

The food delivery app had declared that they would be altering its Gold membership policies last week that will be implemented from this week. From Monday onwards, Zomato modified its rules and declared that if someone was dining by themselves, they would not be able to avail Zomato Gold benefits. The company also said that if there were two diners or three diners on the table, only one could avail of the facilities.

This, however, has left users fuming as they feel cheated because of the company’s sudden change in policies after the users got the subscription. Some even pointed out how the new rules should be applicable for new members and not the existing ones.

With Zomato Gold’s tantalising offer to curate limitless dining privileges with “1+1 on food or 2+2” on drinks, users were quick to grab the offer. Zomato Gold became increasingly popular with more users opting for the annual membership at Rs 1,900. Such was the popularity that the company had to eventually make the membership ‘invite only’.

People also started downvoting the app on Play Store along with giving it negative reviews.