What's Parkour? The Death Defying Sport That Has Left Mumbai Cops Confused

Members of a UK-based parkour group were spotted doing stunts on a building rooftop.

The residents of a 14-storey building in Mumbai’s Dadar were in for a rude shock on Monday. After all, one wouldn’t spot strangers doing death defying stunts on their rooftop everyday. On Monday, the residents of Slum Rehabilitation Authority (SRA) compound were shocked at the presence of some unwelcome visitors.

The group of men were performing stunts on the rooftop which panicked the residents. Police were informed after which the stuntmen were detained. It was later found that the stuntmen were members of Storror, a UK-based parkour collective. The seven-member group has a large global fan following and is currently in India for a tour.

President of the society Jayant Nate said the group didn’t ask for any permissions. “They came in the afternoon and went to the 14th floor … to perform the stunt. After we came to know about the fact, we along with our watchmen and other society members approached the Dadar Police on Tuesday,” he said, reports The Hindustan Times. No case was registered against them.

 Parkour is a non-combative training discipline that includes running, climbing, jumping & rolling in urban spaces. It was developed during the World War 1 in Europe. It has recently gained popularity in India.