Watch: Priyanka Chopra and team are the coolest. This mannequin challenge is proof

Trust actress Priyanka Chopra to nail every challenge that comes her way and be sure that she won’t disappoint. The latest task that the Desi Girl has excelled in is the mannequin challenge. Back in India for a brief time, Priyanka aced the challenge and was accompanied by her Indian team.

For the uninitiated, a mannequin challenge demands people to remain frozen for a stipulated time. This challenge went viral this year and has many celebrities taking part in it. The mannequin challenge reached a new height when First Lady of US Michelle Obama participated in it.

Now Priyanka’s stint shows that she is all for taking the popularity of this challenge. It must also be given that to her that she waited for her return to India before filming the clip.

The one-minute long clip shows the team of PeeCee prepping her in what seems like a public outing. Priyanka said she it was really difficult for her to keep her movie constant for one whole minute.

It goes without saying that this clip shows the diligence of her team before Priyanka steps out.

Watch the  video here:

It definitely looks amazing, right?

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Priyanka Chopra went from being the most sought after actress in Bollywood to a known face in the West. With her TV debut Quantico, she left a deep impression on viewers and audience alike. There was no stopping PeeCee after that and she soon bagged Baywatch, her Hollywood debut that also stars Dwayne Johnson and Zac Effron.