Watch: In a heartwarming gesture, Australian couple pay off waitress' education loan worth $10,000

In the midst of all our 'what is this world coming to' moments, this waitress' story just put back all our faith in the world we inhabit.

Several students around the world wait tables by the night to be able to pay their tuition fees. So does this young girl in Hawaii. While all that is usual, another very unusual surprise greeted her after she served an Australian couple at the Thai restaurant she works for.

When 21-year-old Cayla Chandara served the couple at Noi Thai restaurant, little did she know it would soon turn into an encounter that would turn her life around. She spoke to them about how she had moved to Hawaii from California to get herself a college degree but was unable to continue thanks to student loans that kept building up. She, hence, decided to take a break unless she was able to earn enough to pay it off.

The couple heard her out and left her a $400 tip on a bill of $200. The next day she sent them a letter and desserts right upto their room to thank them for the gesture which had the waitress in tears. The couple’s zeal to help her, however, had a lot more happiness in store for Cayla.

When she met them again later during their stay, Cayla went up to them to thank them in person and they offered to pay off the waitress’ $10,000 heavy student loan so she could go back to studying. Speaking to Honolulu Civil Beat, Cayla said she was taken aback but immediately made it clear that she could not take such a massive favour from them. The couple did not give up though, until they convinced Cayla to take this help from them.

Cayla is visibly touched in this video where she speaks of the incident and honestly who wouldn’t be? Hope makes the world go round and this waitress’ life-changing experience just proves there is enough goodness in the world to still keep our hopes alive.