Watch: Grandma 'teaches' toddler sign language, baby responds with signs of her own

This is seriously the cutest video on the internet today

While you are off to your strenuous work day, this video of a lovely grandmother teaching sign language to her granddaughter is just a delight to watch. It’s extremely heartwarming and is sure to put a wide smile on your face to sail through the day.

The video was taken by photographer and baby Aria’s mother Shari Joy McMohan, who runs an organisation called Far Out From Home which helps in providing education and inspiration to people battling chronic illnesses. The cute clip was originally posted on her Facebook timeline in January captioned “Grandma and Aria time” and “Deaf grandma teaching deaf baby signs”.


Since then, the video has gained a huge amount of popularity and has gained an overwhelming response. In the video, grandmother Pamela McMohan is teaching her nine-month-old baby granddaughter Aria Belle sign language and the cute little toddler too is babbling verbally and moving her hands just like her grandma.

This soul-stirring video has gone was after many media houses shared it on their channels, and was further shared by Facebook page ‘Love What Matters’ on April 16. Since then, it broke the internet with 15 million views and has more than 13K comments from people all over the world.