This Zomato Delivery Guy Is 'Roll Kaka' For Kolkata's Underprivileged Kids

This Zomato delivery executive is ‘roll kaka’ for many underprivileged children in Kolkata.
Pathikrit Saha, from Dum Dum Cantonment area, is feeding hungry children with the cancelled food orders.
Pathikrit says that according to the company’s policy the delivery executive can take the food orders which are cancelled enroute.
” A lot of kids beg because of hunger. We have many companies like Zomato, Swiggy Ubergo, I request delivery boys working there to also give away the cancelled orders to the underprivileged”

The 26-year-old, who was working with Kolkata Municipal Corporation, met a child begging for money four years ago. Thinking that he was a drug addict, Pathikrit dissuaded him and even slapped the boy. The boy broke down in front of Pathikrit saying his mother would kill him if he doesn’t get money. That was a life-changing moment for Pathikrit who left his govt job and joined Zomato.

Everyday many customers cancel their orders, and the ‘roll kaka’ takes the food orders to children begging in Dum Dum Cantonment area.
Pathikrit now wants to ensure that the children not only fed but get proper education too. He is teaching around 30 children from the area.
“The Auto Union of the city saw me teaching the kids at the railway station and gave space in their office balcony. I’m lucky that because of working in this place, I got the opportunity to feed them. I want them to become independent. I started teaching here with three kids now there are 30 kids,” he says.

Pathikrit ensures that these 30 children get something to eat every day.
With his friends’ aid, Pathikrit has also started an NGO Help Association to collect donations for food and education of these 30 kids.
Jhuma, one of the 30 children being taught by Pathikrit, says
“We now get a lot of help with things that we never got before – with bags, notebooks, textbooks.”
The smiles on these little faces testify that Pathikrit’s efforts are bearing fruits.