Salman Khan remembers his unrequited love, reveals how he coped with heartbreak

Salman Khan spoke about his teenage love and told how he could not find the courage to tell this girl he liked about his feelings

Salman Khan is, without a doubt, the most eligible bachelor of Bollywood. The star has managed to stay a bachelor for all these years and his love life has always hogged the limelight. Putting his guard down, Salman Khan spoke about his teenage love at a recent press conference and reminisced how he liked a girl but never gathered the courage to tell about her feelings. Salman also said that he felt bad when that girl dated other guys.

A leading daily quoted the 51-year-old superstar as, “I was 16 and there was this girl I really liked, but I could never muster the courage to tell her that. I was scared she would say no. She dated two of my friends and it didn’t work out [with either of them]. She was a friend to me, but never liked me romantically. When others dated her, I was heartbroken. She never got to know of my feelings.”

Awww! Salman, this really sounds like ‘Ek Tarfa Pyaar’.

Talking about how he coped up with this heartbreak, Salman Khan said it broke him. The star added he felt like his life was coming to an end but is now happy that it happened. “Today, I thank God. Till this day, I don’t take her name. I am sure she is happy. I haven’t seen her in 35 years,” Salman Khan said.

Well, Salman’s story is quite similar to those guys who fail to express their feelings to the girl they like. This phenomenon was also explained by stand-up comedian Zakir Khan in one of his acts. In the mentioned act, Zakir had quite hilariously pointed out why boys around India connected with Salman Khan.

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Here is the act that will leave you in splits:

A look at the video and it won’t be wrong to say that Salman Khan does understand the emotions of all heartbroken people.

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